Chesterfield residents upset over city paying for empty lot

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KTVI) – There were more questions than answers for some Chesterfield residents angry about an empty lot that sits off Old Chesterfield Road.

At a regularly scheduled council meeting Monday night, some residents told FOX 2's Ayesha Khan that it's one thing to waste tax payer money on a lot that doesn't do them any good but it's another to keep that a secret.

Ken Katt said he believes in transparency especially when it comes to how government is working for him.

"I'm not going to get all biblical here," Katt stated, "but in the book of 'John' there's a little saying that if you do good deeds you come to the light and if you do bad deeds you hide from the light, which one was this? They tried to hide it."

In a May 2016 post, FOX 2 reported that taxpayers had doubts about a land deal that taxpayers are still footing the bill for yet it provides no benefit to them what so ever.

That deal was signed in 2009.

The City Council agreed to lease a former brickyard for 10 years at $85,000 a year.

Officials thought of using the land as a parking lot for a trail. But as it turned out they didn't need it after all.

"I think any council member who supported the idea and then tried to hide it they should be ashamed of themselves," Katt went on to say, "and should do a lot of soul searching about why they got into public service in the first place."

Ben Murphy who is another Chesterfield resident, shared the same feeling.

"This infuriated me," Murphy remarked, "why did they try to keep everything so secret? Much of this stuff was covered up."

Chesterfield mayor, Bob Nation addressed their concerns at the council meeting saying, "Personally I am fully supportive of being transparent and releasing all the information--what happened was a disgraceful waste of tax payer dollars."

Part of Monday night's meeting also included taking a vote on a resolution to release former city attorney Rob Heggie of attorney-client privilege to publicly talk about the property. The vote was 6-2 in favor.