Historic vote confirms Devos as Secretary of Education, as Trump’s other nominees wait for hearings

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(KTVI) - After a long and divisive confirmation process, President Donald Trump's pick for Secretary of Education is voted in by the senate.  But it took a historical tie breaking vote by Vice President Mike Pence to make it official.

The vote for Betsy Devos took placed Tuesday afternoon after weeks of debate and delays by Democrats to try and halt the nomination from proceeding.  Two Senate Republicans joined the Democrats for a 50-50 tie vote.  That’s when Pence was called in to make it official with his “yes” vote.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer says these unprecedented delays are hurting the process by which our government operates.  “The fact that we had to get to the point where the vice president had to be pulled in to overcome the democrats partisan and historic log jam of the president's qualified nominee is another glaring reminder of the unprecedented obstruction the senate democrats have engaged in throughout this process."

According to the official Senate Historian, this is the first time ever that the Vice President has been summoned to break a tie on a cabinet nomination.

History also shows that President Trump’s nominees are taking longer than normal to be confirmed to their positions.  According to Fox News Research, only 5 of the president’s 15 cabinet picks have been confirmed thus far after 17 days in office.  At this point in the Obama administration 12 of his 15 picks had been confirmed.  George W. Bush had 14 of 14 confirmed.  Bill Clinton had 13 of 14.  Presidents Reagan and Carter also had all their nominees confirmed by February 7th in their first terms.