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Chrissy Taylor discusses the future of Enterprise Holdings

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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI) - Enterprise is celebrating its 60th anniversary in St. Louis! And now in its third generation of Taylor leadership, the company has no plans of leaving.

Car rental is big business for Enterprise Holdings. With annual revenue of $21 billion, just under two million vehicles, 97,000 global employees, and 9,600 fully staffed branches, they are the largest car rental service provider in the world.

COO Chrissy Taylor said the company’s goal isn’t necessarily want to be the biggest, but to be the best and focus on employee development.

Jack Taylor created Enterprise in 1957 after returning from World War II. He named the business after the Navy ship he flew off. Jack’s son, Andy, serves as executive chairman and helped develop Jack’s ideas and propel the corporation globally.

Chrissy said she’s looking to the future.

“I just happen to be part of the Taylor family; it’s in my DNA. But all of our men and women in operations in any division there just as passionate,” she said.

As a Taylor, Chrissy brings a new a flavor to the family business.

“I tend to break out in dance when we have a good day. I’m like, ‘Dude, I’m dancing because we had a good day!’ I’m kind of known for my high energy,” she said.

Enterprise Holdings is having lots of good days. They own Alamo and National, and are selling cars with 135 dealerships nationwide, continue to grow globally. Leadership credits St. Louis for the support since the beginning.

“The St. Louis community has been so supportive of our family and our business, we have 5,200 employees just in the St. Louis area, and many of those have come from other areas,” Chrissy said.

Taylor said she disagreed with Stan Kroenke when the Rams owner said the St. Louis economy couldn’t support three sports teams. She said the area is a strong, viable, and friendly for any business.

“We love it, we are a Midwest company, a St. Louis company, and we are here to stay,” Chrissy said.

That’s great news for the Clayton-based corporation.

Forbes ranks them as one of America’s largest private companies. They build from within. Chrissy said she’s just one company example of someone starting on the ground floor and working their way up the ranks, starting in customer service.

“If your customers aren’t coming back and are not liking your service, you’re not going to grow or be successful,” she said.

Everything at Enterprise begins and ends with the legacy left by Jack Taylor. He would take each individual management head out to lunch and ask them two questions: “how are our employees doing?” and “are you having fun?”

“It was so important for him that we treated employees with respect and made sure they had tools to be successful,” Chrissy said. “If you were not having fun or passionate you needed to find something else to do.”

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