St. Louis prepping for total solar eclipse this August

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - A huge event is coming to the St. Louis area on Monday, August 21, and the St. Louis Eclipse Task Force is expecting thousands upon thousands of people to converge on our area to watch it unfold.

Not since 1442 has the St. Louis area experienced a total solar eclipse.

Don Ficken, retired businessman and manager of the St. Louis Eclipse Task Force, said local business have a chance to cash in.

“So the first thing I thought about was money. Wow, a lot of money is being made at this and how St. Louis is positioned,” he said.

The total solar eclipse will hit more of the southern part of the St. Louis area while the entire country will have a partial eclipse. People wanting to experience the total eclipse and will drive business.

“Think about the hotels, things to do all weekend; I have heard discussions about making wines for this, there is party planning, bashes, and it’s going to be a fun weekend all the way around,” Fickens said.

Fickens said only a 70-mile wide radius across 12 states will see the total eclipse. The rest of our country will have a partial one. There are some astronomy experts who say this will be as big as the first man on the moon because it’s only a North American event.

“When this hits the media, things like the internet could be dimmed because so many people will be trying to watch in a partial area,” Fickens said.

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