Flight diverted to St. Louis over security issue lands in Phoenix

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - An American Airlines flight that made an emergency landing at Lambert Airport for security reasons is back in the air right now. The plane landed safely on runway 11-2-9 on the west side of the air field a little after 8am Thursday.

Emergency crews immediately sprang into action. The plane stayed on the runway, stairs were brought out, as 113 passengers and a crew of five got off the Airbus 319.

Bomb sniffing dogs checked the passengers, and dozens of pieces of luggage and the airplane. The passengers were put on buses and taken to the C Concourse where they could stay warm and food and drink was provided by the airport and
their vendors. After a thorough check, the all clear was given about three hours later. American Airline flight 534 then departed for Phoenix at 1pm.

Airport officials refused to say what the threat was, or how it was made. Lambert Airport Spokesman Jeff Lea says that, during the emergency, the airport did remain open and operational by using other runways.