SSM Health Medical Minute: Female sexual dysfunction

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - One out of 10 women experience problems with sexual desire, low libido, arousal, orgasm or pain at some point in their lives. Sexual problems can occur for many reasons, including pregnancy and delivery, menopause and other medical issues such as diabetes or cancer. Sometimes sexual problems just happen.

It can be difficult to talk about, but the good news is there are treatments to help improve your sex life, enhance your relationship, and restore your well-being. SLUCare gynecologist Dr. Becky Lynn is specially trained in sexual medicine and offers the latest treatments for women's sexual health.

Dr. Lynn treats:
Lack of desire
Inability or difficulty with orgasm
Pain during sex
Menopausal symptoms
Lack of arousal
Chronic vaginal or vulvar pain

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Lynn, call (314) 977-7455.