Hardee’s Rise & Shine fundraiser for Heat Up St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Friday is the Rise & Shine for Heat Up St. Louis. FOX 2 News in the Morning is live at Hardee’s located on Lackland Avenue in Maryland Heights.

This is the 17th annual Hardee’s Rise and Shine for Heat Up St. Louis. A sausage’n egg or egg biscuit was available for $1 during breakfast hours for the benefit.

The charity raised $295,000 Friday.  Rev. Earl E. Nance, Jr., Chair Emeritus, Heatupstlouis.org released this statement:

"Once again with the hard work of local Hardee’s franchisees’ crew members, Heatupstlouis.org announces preliminary fundraising results for the 17th Annual Hardee’s Rise ‘N Shine for Heat fundraiser. Due to the efforts of more than 650 volunteers collecting tips during breakfast hours on Friday, the thrust of the St. Louis media; Hardee’s customers and volunteer efforts, so far, Rise 'N Shine for #heatupstl has raised about $295,000.00, with the anticipation of exceeding our 2016 goal by Monday. Hardee’s is keeping up collection canister all weekend long, through Sunday night and is asking its customers and the public to drop by additional donations in their special canisters. You can still go online to Heatupstlouis.org to make a secure donation this weekend. As Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson, Honorary Campaign chair said earlier today, “Heatupstlouis.org has proven to save lives, to keep Missouri and Illinois residents from avoiding unsafe methods of heating, during the cold weather.”

More information: http://heatupstlouis.org

Hardee’s locations accepting donations: