Pet store’s Facebook fan confronts thieves in surveillance video

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O'FALLON, IL - Two men stealing a snake from a pet store in O'Fallon, Illinois are now under arrest. The Tye-Dyed Iguana Reptiles Shop received word that the baby boa constrictor was found at a house in Jerseyville, Illinois. One of the store's Facebook fans confronted the thieves.

The theft was caught on one of 32 surveillance cameras that are in the store. The video shows two men looking at snakes Thursday morning. one of the men reaches in a cage and pulls out an 18 inch baby Colombian red tailed boa and put it in his pocket. He talks with the owner and walks out. The store owner is seen approaching the men the greet them and ask if they needed any help.

A customer saw surveillance video on the store's Facebook page and recognized the two men. Adam Schneider went to their home in Carrolton and confronted them. But the suspects took off in a car.

Matt Smallheel's store is not part of a chain. He owns and operates it, offering a large inventory of reptiles, amphibians, fish and products. He took the theft personally..

"Theft is never permissible. But when somebody steals from a small business they are stealing from their family. I take it personally. It is not like dealing with some product that's missing. These are dollars and cents that go into my kids. This is our only source of income." said Matt Smallheel.

Smallheel says he does plan to prosecute the two men accused of the theft.

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