Texas woman claims Popeyes served her flesh-eating worms

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SAN ANTONIO, TX (KDAF) - A San Antonio woman's got a bone to pick with Popeyes.

Karen Goode is suing for a million dollars after she says her rice and beans from Popeyes were infested with flesh-eating worms.

Warning, details in this lawsuit filed in Bexar County may make you queasy.

"Plaintiff purchased rice and beans from Defendants' restaurant that contained flesh eating New World Screwworms, and Plaintiff unknowingly ingested the flesh eating screwworms. The flesh eating screwworms entered Plaintiff's digestive track, laid eggs which embedded in the interior lining of Plaintiff's small intestine, and when hatched, infested Plaintiff's body and began to eat Plaintiff alive from the inside-out."

Screwworms are maggots that infest livestock and other warm blooded animals. Human cases are rare. If left untreated, the infestation could kill you.

Thankfully, Karen Goode survived, but her attorney says she became so ill that she lost her business, house and cars.

Popeyes hasn't commented. But this case has to make you wonder -- what's really lurking in your fast food?!

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