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Tips for healthy relationships from Dr. Rachel Glik

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ST. LOUIS, MO(KTVI)–Valentine’s Day is just hours away. Tomorrow, couples are expected to show their utmost love and affection for one another through gift giving and other acts of love and appreciation.

Professional Family Counselor, Dr. Glik, shares with us the secrets to having a more enjoyable and prosperous relationship year round–not just on Valentine’s Day. According to Dr. Glik, setting boundaries is the key to getting the best out of your relationship with your significant other.

Dr. Glik urges us to be true to ourselves, as well, making an “inner friendship” a priority. Avoiding seeking external sources of power, but instead, having the ability to validate ourselves and be self accepting, is also ideal. This helps us to not be so dependent on our partners or anyone else to fulfill certain internal needs.

Following these rules among others are ways to secure a more happy and healthy relationship.




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