Army Corps to remove contaminated material near Coldwater Creek in Hazelwood

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HAZELWOOD, MO (KTVI) - Plans to move forward with cleaning up more areas along the radioactive contaminated Coldwater Creek were laid out at an Army Corp of Engineers public meeting Thursday night.

The federal agency said it will remediate for five properties on Palm Drive in Hazelwood.

Engineers said the area that sits near Coldwater Creek tested high for levels of contamination.

The creek is part of a federal clean-up program run by the Army Corps of Engineers known as FUSRAP.

The clean-up will also be done at a nearby apartment complex, the Chez Paree Apartments. Some contamination was found in and near people’s yards located close to the creek.

"They came into my backyard, set down a pink flag with a number on it, they did a bore sample, and then they came back and did another sample and that was the last we ever heard," said Tim McMahon, who lives on Fox Tree Drive near the creek. "I need to do work in my backyard and I wanna make sure it's safe to do."

Public affairs specialist Amanda Kruse said that the contamination is far enough underground that no one on Palm Drive is in any immediate danger.

"As long as it has that cap on it, that soil, it's going to be ok," said Kruse. "People would have to ingest it or dig it up to do any harm, but that doesn't mean that it couldn't happen in the future, so we wanted to make sure we could get that material out of there so that way they have a clean, good whatever they want to do backyard."

Pre-construction for Palm Drive is expected to begin in mid-March and then by October remediation should be complete.

Kruse said then the Army Corps of Engineers will sample the area to make sure it is free of contamination.

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