BBB offers tips on avoiding online dating scams

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Online dating sites, along with social media, provides places to meet new people and dates, but it also is the perfect place for scams. Scammers can easily create new identities with realistic backstories in order to trick victims into falling for someone who does not exist.

The scam typically starts with a scammer creating a fake profile, using a real photo from a stranger’s account. They claim they are overseas or in the military, saying this is why they cannot meet in person, but they start to build a romantic relationship with their victim. Then, something comes up where they need money such as family emergency or a health issue, but after the money is sent and the requests are more frequent, the communication stops altogether.

The Better Business Bureau offers different tips on how to protect yourself from online dating scams. Tips include be aware of dating prospect such as constantly traveling, is overseas or has a suspicious Facebook or dating profile.

Chris Thetford from The Better Business Bureau joins us for more information on dating site scams.

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