Delmar Loop to host Loop Eclipse Festival

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - A man made moon made an appearance Tuesday morning atop the Moonrise Hotel.

He was there to announce the Loop Eclipse Festival, an event 575 years in the making.

'Fifty years before Columbus even came to our shores, that eclipse occurred and the next one won`t happen until 2505,' says Joe Edwards, Unofficial Loop Mayor.

So, what better reason to celebrate this once in a lifetime event than an eclipse eve party.

Joe Edwards, the unofficial mayor of the Loop is looking forward to a solar eclipse scheduled to hit parts of St. Louis August 21st.  His eclipse eve festival is celebrating something that hasn`t happened in St. Louis since the year 1442.

'The trolley will be up and running and I think for that weekend I`m going to name it the lunar express,' says Edwards.

Expect eclipse chasers and solar sun spotters to hit parts of Missouri and Illinois when the 70-mile wide band of light and darkness descends on a swath of America from Oregon to South Carolina.

The Loop is looking upwards to celebrate with music, food and drinks and a planetary walk up and down Delmar for their day long Loop Eclipse Festival.

'We`re going to see a total solar eclipse which if you`ve never experienced will be the most amazing experience in your lifetime,' says Jim Small, President St. Louis Astronomical Society.  'The shadow travels literally from Oregon and cover part of the country at a time as it moves across the path, about a 70-mile-wide path.'

'It`s always fascinated me,' adds Edwards.  'I think it fascinates everybody our place in the solar system and the universe really.'