Father fights for legalized medical marijuana to treat daughter’s epilepsy

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) – A St. Charles man said his daughter is experiencing miracle-like changes after taking CBD oil for epilepsy. The oil is made from marijuana and Missouri has a legal percentage you can use, this father is giving his daughter more than that.

Robbie Bazzell's goal is to legalize medical marijuana in the state of Missouri for all people. He doesn’t think he should have to break a law to save his daughter’s life when medical breakthroughs and research are on his side.

Bazzell’s daughter, 18-month-old Skyler, has intractable epilepsy. This girl was suffering thousands of seizures a day and every night she went to bed, there was a chance she wouldn’t wake up.

“I had to do what I had to do as a father,” Bazzell said.

They tried Valium, Xanax and Kepra; nothing worked. After trying three pharmaceuticals, they qualified for CBD oil from Beleaf Dispensary, but Skyler’s condition worsened. Bazzell went to Facebook asking for help.

“I had people from around the country reach out and from around the world saying, ‘You need to try this because it helped my daughter,’” he said.

Bazzell was told to buy a marijuana extract for CBD oil made from the leaf, not the industrial hemp they were getting previously, and to use a higher percentage HTC than the Missouri state law of 0.3.

“She’s getting 50 percent THC and 50 percent CBD and hasn’t had a seizure in four months!” he said. “She was one percentile in height and weight and now she is 51 percent height and weight.”

Skyler gets one drop in her mouth a day, mixed with coconut oil. Her parents said she has come to life and that some doctors support them privately.

“With CBD it takes away the negative part of THC. She doesn’t look high or drowsy, she’s 100 percent normal,” Bazzell said.

Bazzell knows he’s breaking the law and wonders what might happen in the future.

“If I get arrested so be it, I would rather have a daughter happy,” he said, adding his daughter deserves the right to live well.

Bazzell started a petition to get medical marijuana legalize on Change.org.

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