You Paid For It uncovers new problems at St. Louis community centers

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - The You Paid For It Team discovers new troubling problems at community centers taxpayers pay to run. We learned a million dollars was set aside to correct the trouble but the money just sat there.

Our crew went to the Wohl Community Center on North Kingshighway where we found holes in the ceiling above the women’s toilet. The fuse box is malfunctioning. It has no door and some of the people using the building say sometimes there are sparks.

In the workout room the equipment is torn and tattered. A computer room has only one working computer.

This is just one of the centers the You Paid For It team went to see since our investigation that started last October.

But I learned $1.3 million dollars was set aside for repairs at the centers, but it was months before the money started getting used.

Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed had the money set aside which came from a tax measure approved by voters.

Reed says the money only started getting used after our expose on the trouble at the centers.

Many agree that these community centers are good weapons in the fight against crime by getting kids off the streets.