Giving students at Harris Stowe University a chance at careers in finance

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Harris-Stowe State University, in partnership with Wells Fargo Advisors, unveiled the new Wells Fargo Finance Education Center. Students at Harris-Stowe can now learn how to trade and invest using the same software investors on Wall Street use to manage portfolios. They can keep up with the stock market with the help of a ticker streaming real-time market information.

The center was financed with $250,000 from Wells Fargo. It shows the growing partnership between Wells Fargo and Harris-Stowe.

“Generally when you look at finance, when you look at trading, that's not a field that is highly populated with minorities or African Americans,” said Dr. Dwaun Warmack, president of Harris-Stowe. “So this partnership will allow us to train, as a historically black college here in the city, underrepresented, underserved population to go into that amazing field.”

Wells Fargo hopes the center will help build a pipeline of highly skilled and diverse college graduates.

“It gives us a chance to bring into the business a whole next generation workforce that gives us the opportunity to stay relevant with the clients way into the future, plus we get to add diversity to our business,” said David Kowach, the head of Wells Fargo Advisors.

Wells Fargo Advisors, which is located about a block away from Harris-Stowe, already takes in 10 interns each semester from the college. The company hopes to turn more of those internships into future jobs.

“This is real equity,” said Laraine Davis, the Vice President for Community Relations at Wells Fargo Advisors. “Giving the students here an opportunity to have firsthand experience at a trading floor where would they get that? Then to walk next door and potentially get a job, sometimes making six figures, that’s phenomenal.”

Harris-Stowe also plans to open the center to the community for certification programs and other educational opportunities.

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