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Health expert discusses David Cassidy and dementia

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Singer and 70’s teen heart throb David Cassidy recently announced he is battling dementia, a chronic disorder impairing the mental processes such as memory, decision making and personality.

Some risk factors to dementia come through genetics, which is more commonly seen through early onset diagnosis in people under the age of 65.  While dementia is not necessarily preventable, there are things one can do to decrease their likelihood of receiving a dementia diagnosis.  These things include smoking less, eating health foods, exercising often and in general, living a happy life.  Experts say, whatever is healthy for the heart is healthy for the brain as well.

Dr. John Campbell from the Mercy Clinic of Geriatric and Family Medicine joins us for more information on dementia and David Cassidy’s health announcement.

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