An Illinois woman’s luck helps her rideout tornado ripping her home apart

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ELKVILLE, IL (KTVI) – Nadine Lucy lost her Elkville, Illinois home to a tornado Monday night, but considers herself lucky to be alive.  She ignored the initial warnings, but was able to make it to her bathroom.  She says that was the only part of her house that was still standing.

“When I first saw the house I didn’t think there was any way she’d be alive,” said Lucy’s son-in-law, Kevin Hicks.

“Debris was hitting me in the face,” said Lucy.  “Something hit me upside the head.  I don’t know what it was and I felt like I was being swept up out of the house.  I was holding onto something.  I don’t know what it was but I was holding onto something for dear life.”

When the tornado was over, Lucy was left trapped in her bathroom.  Hicks and two of Lucy’s grandsons helped dig through the ruble to pull her out to safety.

“There’s no way it should have turned out as good as it did,” said Hicks.

“I’m fine. I have a little knot on my neck but other than that, that’s it,” said Lucy.  “So I’m lucky.”

Lucy admits she ignored an initial storm warning and promises next time to head to the basement before she runs out of time.