Family of 10 returns home to find tornado took their house and business

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PERRYVILLE, MO (KTVI) - Nobody was home at the Richardets’ when the tornado ripped away their house.  No one was at the business next door either.  Everything around it is gone.

Approaching their home, you can hear the sound of chainsaws in the air.

You can see debris high in the trees.  Sheet metal is wrapped around objects as if it were string.  Tyson Richardet’s home and car repair business were in the center of it all.

Richardet said, “Where do you start.  It’s just still.  I mean it looks like it was a junkyard out here now.”

We stood feet from where a pole pierced the front of a windshield of a car at his business, T and C Performance.

He said, “I have a 69 Chevrolet Truck. It was just about ready to go out the door in two weeks.  I was waiting on wheels.  It was completely ready to go and you can’t even see it anymore.  It’s completely gone.”

He doesn’t recognize anything around him, but his family’s alive.  They’re with him today, eight kids including 5-year-old Kwinton.

Richardet said, “(Kwinton) was just freaked out when the storm came through, but he was just happy to see me when I came home.”

Kwinton said, “Hey daddy.  I love you daddy.”

Kwinton is used to playing down in the basement, but he can’t get to his toys.  Instead, he plays with his dad’s tools.  You could hear Kwinton yelling “vroom” as he ran around a field pushing a long paint roller.

Richardet added, “We always work out in the shop together all the time, so that’s always our thing.”