Rescue and recovery in hardest hit neighborhood in Perryville

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PERRYVILLE, MO (KTVI) - Despite the miles of damage following Tuesday's tornado, there was only one reported fatality in Perry County. Most residents survived by hiding in basements, but they lost decades of memories in mere seconds.

Moore Drive, located just off Highway 61, is one of the hardest hit neighborhoods. The tornado tore through the area, yanking homes off their foundations and casting them aside.

“We could hear it coming, so we ran to the basement and that's when it came through," said Kay Waibbenmeyer. "It just sounded like a freight train coming through. We could hear all the stuff upstairs getting thrown around and glass breaking. Everything getting tossed around, basically.”

Some residents got a firsthand look at the devastation Wednesday.

At least two people were rescued from the rubble. Waibbenmeyer's son helped pull a family to safety. A total of 8 to 10 homes were destroyed and dozens others were damage.

Fox 2 talked with residents who said they headed the warnings and are glad they made it out alive.

Rescue crews said they'll continue to search through the debris. At present, authorities believe everyone made it out and have been accounted for.