Antonio French concedes in mayoral primary election

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – St. Louis Alderman Antonio French told his supporters he was proud of his campaign for mayor even though Tuesday’s results did not turn out the way he hoped.

French conceded he was not going to be the next mayor of S.t Louis and addressed his supporters shortly after 10pm Tuesday.

French rose to national fame by sharing developments in Ferguson through his Twitter feed.  He also founded the North Campus, a place for low income children to have access to tutoring and enrichment programs.

French promised to be a mayor who would bridge divides in St Louis. He held his election watch party at the Palomino Lounge on Delmar.  The location coincided with his campaign message.  French promised to unite both sides of Delmar.  He told voters one side of Delmar had been neglected for too long.

French did not say what his future plans would include.  He will no longer be an alderman after committing to his campaign for mayor.