Dave Murray’s latest weather Disco for WEDNESDAY…March 8, 2017

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Dave Murray’s latest weather Disco for WEDNESDAY…March 8, 2017
The roller coaster of early March in full force…and that means more flips and turns…and yes winter is not done. Quiet times on this Wednesday…lots of sunshine and a little warmer 65 for the high…a cold front slowly sinks our way on Thursday and rolls by Thursday night…not much with the front…a few spotty rain showers…no storms…in fact the storm weather taking the backseat for awhile….Now things get interesting…colder weather sinking in Friday…as a large arctic bubble of high pressure takes over…quiet Friday and into Friday evening…the high Friday 49 degrees and down to 30 degrees Friday night. Under cutting that dome of cold will be a southern impulse of moisture…that gets my interest and I bet yours too. Wet snow and rain developing late Friday night and the mix continues all day on Saturday into Saturday evening…the high Saturday 35 degrees!!! Big questions about the fine details…but there could be some accumulation of snow on Saturday…have to give this a little more time. The other huge feature will be a HARD FREEZE late Saturday night as temps fall well into the 20’s…especially if we get a layer of snow… this is a major concern for the flowering trees. Partly sunny and chilly to cold on Sunday…maybe…just maybe a little more snow early next week.