High voter turnout predicted for St. Louis primary election

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Voters in the city of St. Louis are casting ballots on this primary election day. Those votes helping decide which party candidates will square off in April's general election. Voter turnout is predicted to be higher than previous years.

St. Louis Elections Director Gary Stoff says voting seems to be steady. Stoff says they are predicting voter turnout to be 30 to 35 percent and he believes it's going to hit that prediction. Voter turnout for a typical municipal primary is much less, at only about 19%.

Stoff says usually it's lower because there aren't as many candidates running for mayor and usually there is an incumbent.
This time there are seven Democrats and three Republicans running for mayor and 11 contested Alderman races. He says that because there is more competition, the candidates were campaigning hard to get out the vote.