Report finds exonerations in the US rose again in 2016

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HOUSTON (AP) _ A new report says the number of people exonerated in the U.S. rose again in 2016, with more than half of them involved in cases in which it was later determined no crime occurred.

The report from the National Registry of Exonerations says a record 94 of last year’s 166 total exonerations came in such cases. Almost two-thirds of those 94 were drug cases, one was for murder and 16 were for sex crimes.

Harris County, where Houston is located, was home to 48 of the drug cases, in which individuals had their drug convictions dismissed after lab tests determined they never had illegal substances.

The 166 people falsely convicted and exonerated last year is six more than in 2015.

Texas had the most exonerations last year with 58. Illinois was second with 16.