Peach crop seems to have survived Saturday night’s freezing temperatures

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - The owner of Herman’s Farm in St. Charles County is breathing a sigh of relief. Cloud cover helped keep overnight temperatures from dipping as low as expected. An inspection of the farm’s peach crop indicated the buds survived for now.

“We got lucky,” said Tom Goeke, owner.

A hard frost could ruin some area crops.  Goeke said 26 degrees is his “magic” number.

“If it doesn’t get much lower than 26 or stays at 26 I could possibly have a crop of peaches, but I doubt it,” said Goeke.

Goeke said if temperatures dip into the lower 20’s there’s nothing he can do to protect his crop.  If the temperature is only a few degrees below freezing, he plans on pouring water on the buds.  The freezing and thawing of the water creates energy to help warm the buds and protect them.  The longtime farmer says he’s never seen a year like 2017 where so much is starting to bloom so far ahead of schedule.

I’ve talked to guys who have been at it longer than I have,” said Goeke.  “It’s been, it’s been crazy