New app helps first responders find you when calling 911

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - When calling 911, seconds can sometimes be the difference between life and death. There is now an app that can help first responders pinpoint your exact location faster.

When someone calls 911 from a cellphone, that signal is sent to the nearest cell tower and a dispatcher can see your general location.

SirenGPS is a program that helps first responders pinpoint exactly where a 911 call from a cellphone is coming from.

West County EMS and Fire District is the first in the metro area to use the program, so individuals who live in the coverage area can download the SirenGPS app at no cost.

In the app you can put in your medical information, emergency contact and any other info that would be helpful to first responders.

Then when you call 911 through the SirenGPS app on your cellphone all of your information, including you’re your exact location, will be sent directly to first responders phones.

The app can also send out emergency alerts about weather or traffic accidents

This is a picture of West County EMS and Fire coverage area.

If you live in an area covered by West County EMS and Fire you can use the app and download it here:

Apple's App Store
Google's Play Store