Retirees knit winter sweaters for cold chickens

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Knitting sweaters for chickens sounds like a joke. But a plucky group of retirees has hatched a plan to keep their feathered friends at a neighboring estate warm during the New England winter.

The unusual project began after members of a knitting club at a retirement home heard about the hardships that some chickens suffer this time of year. Certain breeds shed their feathers and grow new plumage in the winter while others imported from tropical climates just aren't suited to wintry weather conditions.

"When they said they were gonna make these sweaters for the chickens, I thought it was the most foolish thing I had ever heard in my life, and everybody that I told laughed at me. They couldn't believe it, but we made the sweaters for the chickens and I'm glad that we did," said Libby Kaplan.

The woman who owns the chickens says egg production has jumped noticeably since the birds began wearing the sweaters.