A duo from St. Louis is making waves in Hollywood

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LOS ANGELES, CA (KTVI) - A duo from St. Louis is making waves in Hollywood.  Justin DiCenzo and King Morelli joined forces in 2015 and created a song used in the season 1 finale of empire called "David & Goliath"

With the help of show editor and fellow St. Louisan Joe Leonard it was a big break that lead to more opportunities.

'Joe Leonard was working on the show and liked the music we were working on and the music fit perfect for a scene and producers agreed with him." Morelli said

The pair also say their song 'Harriet Tubman' was recently used in the season finale of Star.

Now they're looking to do more for the Fox musical dramas.

Fox 2 caught up with the artists at our sister station KTLA in Los Angeles to find out how they keep the momentum going.

I found that, like with Harriet Tubman, a perfect example he came over and it was organic and the song came out of thin air we've worked like that since.' Said DiCenzo.

While the two move forward with their unique collaborations Justin shared his talents on music in the new movie 'Get Out' with more projects on the way. As for King Morelli, his new album is about to drop and he`s looking forward to the future.

Morelli and DiCenzo plan to keep their friendship and passion for music going strong as they make their way to screens both the big and small in Tinseltown.

'I think people really need to get together and understand each other more being different is great it makes everything better for all.' Morelli said

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