Masked suspects plan to steal BMWs foiled

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MAPLEWOOD, MO (KTVI) – Maplewood police foil an attempt to steal BMWs at a luxury auto dealership with the help of real-time surveillance.

Surveillance cameras rolled on a red pickup truck entering the Autohaus BMW in Maplewood at 3:25 am last Wednesday morning. The video shows masked men jump out of the truck, carrying what appears to be a toolbox.

At that point, someone watching the video from a remote location, a private security company called Visionable Surveillance Solutions, was able to report the suspect’s every move to police.

“They were able to see where they were hiding and direct the police to exactly where they were hiding and the police were prepared for exactly what they were going to face because they knew how many people, what they were wearing, what they were actually carrying,” said Bill Barnard, President of Visionable Surveillance Solutions.

Police officers apprehended the suspects who are now facing multiple pending charges. Detectives are investigating if the suspects are connected to other auto dealer break-ins in the region.