Cardinals rollout new app for fans to buy unlimited tickets

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – It’s a brand-new way for St. Louis Cardinals fans to find their way into the ballpark. Fans can now purchase a monthly subscription for $29.99. The fee covers the cost of a standing room ticket for every home game that month.  Fans can purchase the Cardinals Ballpark Pass at

“It’s delivered digitally through your smartphone so you don’t have to stop by the box office window and pick up a ticket,” said Martin Coco, St. Louis Cardinals Director, Ticket Sales & Marketing.  “The primary goal is to give people flexibility.”

Coco believes fans most interested in this type of ticket deal are millennials interested in socializing with friends during the game.

“You’ll have a digital ticket delivered to your phone every single game and you can decide at the last minute to join friends for a game,” said Coco.

The tickets are good for any of the standing room areas, including areas designed for socializing.  Coco said those areas include outdoor areas around the Budweiser Bowtie Bar and the Perficient Perch.

The tickets cannot be resold on sites such as StubHub.  Fans will use their phone to enter the game.  Opening day is the only game not available through the monthly pass.  MLB is pushing teams in this direction in an attempt to boost attendance figures.

“There are some other subscription type products out there but to cover the entire season, we’re the first team to do that,” said Coco.

The tickets are not considered season tickets so they do not guarantee an option to buy playoff tickets.  Coco said it’s not yet clear how many of the passes will be sold.