Dave Murray’s latest weather Disco for THURSDAY March 23, 2017

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Dave Murray’s latest weather Disco for THURSDAY March 23, 2017
Let the wild temperature ride continue and in time increasing rain and some storms…this morning it will be chill again Thursday morning…lots of clouds and a few sprinkles in the morning…a little more sunshine going thru the afternoon. Warmer…near 60 in the afternoon…then the southerly flow really opens up Thursday night and Friday with windy and very warm weather returning…70’s maybe touching 80 degrees in the afternoon under partly sunny skies.The main feature is a swing from the northwest flow to the southwest flow…in that flow…here comes a bowling ball low pressure comes at us Friday night, Saturday and Saturday night with periods of rain and some storms…mild to warm over the weekend. I don’t think is it raining all the time…we have to think of a mild Spring pattern with periods of wet…There will be thunderstorms…not a widespread severe outbreak…but some storms will bring hail and wind…pretty nice Sunday…more rain and some storms developing Monday afternoon into Monday night.