Man insists damage to residence caused by home movers

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – There is a dilemma between a home owner and construction company handling the relocation of another house from the new NGA site in north city. While both sides agree the homeowner has an issue that needs to be fixed, they cannot seem to agree on a solution.

Michael Maul has a crack on the sidewall of his house that goes from the second floor ceiling down to the first floor. He claims the company moving Charlesetta Taylor's home from the NGA site to his street caused the crack.

“The way it happened was they used a large machine with rollers and it vibrates. This happened at 7:30 a.m. on March 3. I thought it was an earthquake,” Maul said.

Maul said that’s when he saw the crack on his bedroom wall. The company was using a machine to compact the soil where the new house would be placed.

“I got an estimate for $1,200. I told the people we need to come to an agreement ourselves and give me $800 and settle the deal, but I got no response,” Maul said.

Expert House Movers is a licensed, bonded, and insured company that wants to handle things through insurance and let the situation take its course from there and not make a deal.

Maul, a retired carpenter, wants to do the work himself and doesn’t want to wait on the company. EHM said Maul needs to present his estimate and get the ball the rolling.

The company gave Fox 2 News the following statement on the matter:

"EHM is aware of Mr. Maul's complaint and we are working to resolve it."

Other contractors have been working at the corner of St. Louis Avenue and 22nd Street, Maul said he knows what caused the damage to his home and that nobody else has complained because other homes are vacant.

“The house on the east side is vacant; the west side house is vacant. I’m the only one in the area it impacts,” he said.