Fishy Fenton water has many wondering why it tastes foul

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Fenton residents complain something fishy is going on. Their drinking water smells and tastes a lot like fish. Missouri American Water says the problem is with this treatment facility. They're looking into what is causing the funky taste.

"It smells a little weird. It tastes a little weird. But we're accessing it as best we can," said Missouri American water spokesman Brian Russell.

Brian Russell says that early this week they started getting calls from people saying their water tastes like sweet tea, or even nastier,like fish.

"That's accurate. Unfortunately we've had a taste and odor event since about Tuesday for a small portion of our southern area." said Brian Russell.

The issue is coming from the south water treatment plant which treats water flowing from the Meramec river. They don't know exactly whats causing it.

"We are not entirely sure yet," said Brian Russell. "We are looking into river conditions and we were also doing some scheduled maintenance work on Tuesday. That is when this started, so it seems like that was not a coincidence. So we're just trying to figure out what the cause is."

They are masking the taste with carbon but say its perfectly safe to drink.

"It's perfectly safe. We test it continuously. So there's nothing in the water that you need to be afraid of. It just doesn't taste good at the moment," said Brian Russell.

Missouri American Water hopes to have the problem identified and resolved by Friday.

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