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Fast fundraisers save stranded St. Louis cows from slaughter

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Six cows tried to make a run for it from a north St. Louis slaughter house Thursday. It took four hours for police and the Humane Society to corral the animals. A handler forgot to latch the trailer and the animals got loose. Now one of the cows is getting a new home.

That cow is not headed to slaughter, but to a greener pasture. The Kelly Manno Show started a GoFundMe page to raise donations Thursday. They have exceeded their goal of $2,000. They will be buying one of the cows and donating it to a family farm.

Manno tells FOX 2 that several St. Louis Blues player families also offered to help save the cow. The Backes family made a donation to their GoFundMe account. Stasney's wife offered to help transporting the cow.

The slaughter house will take it to the farm. So, the Stasney family's help was not needed.

Several other fundraisers were held for the cows after they went viral.  One named "Save Chico and Friends" raised $10,000.  A farm animal protection and rescue organization named Farm Sanctuary tells FOX 2 that, "Some well-intentioned citizens raised $15K to buy freedom for three of the bulls."

Farm Sanctuary says that the slaughterhouse plans to donate the other cows to a local farm.  They oppose "rescue by purchase" and claim the slaughterhouse boosted prices after people offered to save the animals.

The fundraiser's description states:

"I'm not "that girl", I'm not a member of PETA, I'm not a vegetarian... Hell I had McDonald's for lunch today. I think controlled hunting and harvesting of animals is acceptable on every level.

But I am the girl who has compassion for anyone, or anything with a will to live the size of the Grand Canyon.

You see this heifer in the picture? She is a BAD ASS, a grade A boss lady who was dealt a pretty #### hand in life and decided to do something about it.

She and 5 of her buddies busted out of a slaughter clinic this afternoon and went for it. They took a chance on freedom.

Her buddies were apprehended quickly, but not her.

Not only did this hefer run, she outsmarted about 40 police officers in the process. She ran the city streets like Usain Bolt doing the 100.

It was her freedom run, and her big ### you to the fate she was dealt. Her one shot to change her destiny.

If I had a boom box I would have jogged alongside her holding it over my head playing her theme song:

"Look, if you had one shot....
or one opportunity......
to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it? Or just let it slip."

People lined the streets to cheer her on reminiscent of the OJ Bronco chase.

At last as the hours went by, 5 to be exact, she became weary. Exhausted, confused, and limping and finally succumbed to her captors. I was on the scene when they loaded her into the trailer. I followed the trailer, hoping they were headed to a rescue or ranch, we have several in the area. Instead they took her straight back to the meat packing plant. Back to her hell.

I wish you could have seen the defeat in her big brown eyes when they took her off the trailer. It was like looking at a different animal.

Then, pure insanity kicked in. I started screaming through the fence for the plant to let me buy her. At this point I assumed they thought I was a card carrying PETA member. But I'm not.

Just someone using a little common sense that thinks that any animal who fought that damn hard for their life deserves a second chance.

I've been in contact with the meat packing plant, begging them to release her. I have a local farm willing to take her. I just need to the funds to buy her from slaughter and transport her to the farm.

If I do not succeed all funds will be returned immediately."

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