Mother Nature provides much-needed assist in tearing down condemned home

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - A vacant north St. Louis home that's been an eyesore for months is coming down. The demolition didn't involve a wrecking ball, just an assist from Mother Nature.

Residents started to complain about the home last year. But earlier this week, the homeowner who lives next door said a lighting strike turned out to be a good thing. When the home came crashing down, she cried tears of joy.

The vacant and abandoned property is located in the 2200 block of Sullivan Avenue and owned by developer Paul McKee’s Northside Regenerations LLC Group.

In February, the doorway was boarded up, windows smashed, paint peeling, with the porch and roof slumping. Residents said dozens of stray animals would go in and out of the vacant building, leaving an eyesore for the community.

“This has been an eyesore for months. Mother Nature is a blessing, as a lighting strike hit the home, when it should have been condemned,” said Pamela Janerico.

For months, Janerico said she made dozens of calls to city officials and the building inspector, and she even tried to track down the owner, but had no luck trying to get the home demolished. She was told

A company called Total Solutions had applied for the demolition permit a few weeks ago. After the lighting strike, the process has been sped up and the clean-up started.

A spokesperson with the City of St Louis said the city was not holding up the home from being demolished and tells us once the company provides its insurance or bond and utilities are shut off, the home can be demolished. The company hopes to have it cleaned up in the next few weeks.