Watch live video – April the giraffe feasts on hay before birth

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HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. — Zookeepers at Animal Adventure Park say that the giraffe’s pregnancy is moving along. They say April has an increased appetite and feasting could be a sign of an imminent birth.

Animal Adventure Park began streaming on Feb. 23 on YouTube showing April preparing to give birth, drawing worldwide attraction. An exact date and time of when April will be giving birth is still not known.

This will be April’s fourth calf and the first for the father, Oliver. The calf will weigh around 150 pounds and be approximately 6 feet tall at birth. The video was initially removed after animal rights activists flagged the videos as “sexually explicit” before being restored.

Animal Adventure Park posted this update to their Facebook page Friday:

“Hungry Hungry Hip….errr Giraffe!

Keepers report is that April has consumed all of last evening’s grain offering, and continues to eat her hay. Udders are full, wax caps have reappeared (as they will come and go at times), and she is very much “herself”.
The new enrichment item (a newer puzzle feeder) has been added today after a quick tweak – which delayed its application yesterday. We will get to see the giraffes’ response today!”

The Zoo posted this update to their Facebook page Thursday night:

“Allysa has reported that April has quite an appetite this evening! This is after a few days of picking at grain and hay. We have been told by other parks that mothers will sometimes feast just before the birth. Who knows and here is to hoping! Behavior was very typical at first, but shifted during Allysa’s time with her. This is not a bad thing, just adds another piece to our puzzle.

Weather has taken a horrible turn here. Rain and cold…and more rain. Mild flooding is occurring along the rivers, we will prep the ark. Giraffes will remain indoors until conditions are agreeable.”