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Teens with dwarfism attend each other’s proms

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Leawood, KS (KSHB) -- For many high school students, prom is a special night for making memories. For two teens in Leawood, this special night has a deeper meaning. It's another step in their journey after battling through multiple surgeries together.

When Liddy Anstoetter started to plan for her senior prom this year, she knew exactly who to invite: her friend Graham Rider from Connecticut.

The pair met each other back in 2010 at the Paley Institute at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

"Graham and I were both born with a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia," explained Liddy.

The condition is a common form of dwarfism that results in significantly shorter stature and varying degrees of limb deformity.

The two became friends as they underwent multiple limb-lengthening surgeries to help them with the condition.

"They go in, they break your bones and put metal rods in your legs," said Liddy.

Through the pain and hard times came a lasting friendship, resulting in both families coming together planning visits to each other's homes and trips to prom.

"It's just so cool to say I have a friend from Connecticut," Liddy said. "I went to his prom last year, he's going to my prom this year."

It's a friendship that's only grown through the years.

"She perfectly understands me, without a doubt, she probably knows me better than I know me," said Graham.

For Liddy's mom Jennifer, she loves seeing the smiles on such a big day for her high school student.

"They have a unique bond that we don't even understand because they go through things that we don't get," Jennifer said. "We try to help and support as parents, but their connection is really tight."

Liddy and Graham both say their friendship played a key part in their healing process over the years.

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