Car salesman carjacked and robbed at gunpoint

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GRANITE CITY, IL (KTVI) -The victim of an armed robbery in Granite City hopes no one will go through the terrifying experience he faced Friday afternoon. He was robbed at gunpoint while taking a customer on a test-drive.

The victim asked us not to reveal his identify, but said he’s associated with Steinman Motors on Edwardsville Rd. He’s hoping someone will recognize the suspect from surveillance photos and will call the Granite City Police Department at 618-877-6111.

“He said that he was going to buy a car for his daughter and he seemed like a really nice guy,” said the victim.

After a second test-drive the customer suddenly turned threatening.

“He stuck a gun in my face and told me to get the “f” out of the car,” said the victim.

“He said, ‘I ought to blow your head off right now man.’ I said, ‘please don’t, please I have kids. Don’t do it.’ He walked around the car pointing a gun at me,” said the victim.

The victim said the suspect demanded the keys to the vehicle. The victim told the suspect the keys were still in the ignition.

“He just sat there, stared at me and put the gun on me and I was like please, please don’t do it. He just sat there holding it like he was thinking about it and I was like, you don’t have to. You have the car. You have my wallet just go, please go,” said the victim. “He thought about it for a few seconds. He said get the “f” out of here. I turned around and ran and he took off in the car.”

It’s difficult for the victim to talk about what happened but he spoke with us for one reason.

“I don’t want anybody to go through what I’ve been through,” he said. “I want him to be caught and go to jail so we can be safe out here.”

The vehicle was recovered not too far from the car dealership but as of Saturday afternoon, the suspect was still not in custody.