St. Ann residents debate fishing or swans?

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ST. ANN, MO (KTVI) – Some St. Ann residents are worried that their long-time fishing lake is going to become swan lake.

Officials with the City of St. Ann have been talking about re-doing the lake in Tiemeyer Park for about 10 years and currently that lake is being drained for the work to finally start.

St. Ann residents said that for over 50 years that lake has been used for fishing but now they are worried that when the updates are finished that will change.

St. Ann Parks Director Tim Younker said this concern started last year when an alderman donated two swans for the lake to help keep geese away, but because of a fishing hook one didn’t survive.

“We did lose a swan from lead poising from a weight so there are a couple of alderman who are worried about this happening again so we are looking into it, what I am hoping is that we can have fishing and the swans also,” said Younker.

Younker said the fish would be stocked by the Missouri Conversation Department but the swans would be a city expense.

“Our police major just built a lake so he is housing them, and we did replace the one swan so he has a mate now and as a matter of fact they are nesting,” said Younker.

A lot of resident want the tradition of the fishing lake to continue and said if it comes down to the fish or the swans, then the swans need to go.

One alderman posted on Facebook asking if people wanted a fishing pond or serenity pond and about 80% of people said fishing.

The alderman may be voting on this sometime this month.

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