Laclede discussing security options following murder of two employees

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – The murder of two Laclede Gas employees has the company looking at its security plan for employees out at a jobsite.

A spokesperson for Laclede said the company held a meeting Thursday evening to work through a plan for more security for employees, but he couldn't share details of the plan.

Meanwhile, a woman showed up to the Laclede Gas service building on Shrewsbury Ave. to place crosses into the ground under a flag flying half-mast.

Lynn LeBaube said her brother worked at Laclede for many years, and hearing of the deaths of the two men felt like she lost family members.

She said while her brother loved working for Laclede, he did express some concerns about the areas they'd have to work in and the dangers they'd face.

"My brother did work in the city and he did not like it, because a lot of times he worked in the leak truck and he would actually be in the hole and people would be coming down the street with guns or robbing people,” LeBaube said.

In the coming days, Laclede said it will be sharing those new security steps with employees. The company has offered counseling services to help employees through this difficult time.