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Lincoln County man accused of attacking woman with hammer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Levi Lauck

TROY, MO (KTVI) – The Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office charged a 21-year-old man in a suspected domestic assault case for allegedly using a hammer to attack a 24-year-old woman.

According to prosecutors, the incident occurred April 16. The victim told law enforcement she was with Levi Lauck at a family event. She posted a picture of the family event using her Snapchat app, which upset Lauck. The two got into a verbal and physical altercation, she said.

The two then left in Lauck’s vehicle a short time later, prosecutors said. Lauck’s family asked the victim to drive because Lauck was intoxicated. After they left the family gathering, Lauck made the victim stop the vehicle so he could drive home. The victim said Lauck continued to get angry and then struck her with his hand several times while he drove.

The situation escalated to the point where Lauck pulled over somewhere in the area of Lake St. Louis and got a hammer from the trunk of his vehicle. Lauck continued driving and struck the victim in her face and body with the blunt and claw ends of the hammer. The victim grabbed a small backpack to help shield her from the blows.

Once they arrived back at Lauck’s residence on Portwood Meadows, he allegedly forced the victim out of the car and made her undress to take a shower. While she undressed, prosecutors said Lauck kicked her in the face and knocked out front tooth.

Lauck continued to physically abuse the woman, but she eventually escaped the home and ran to a nearby neighbor’s home where she stayed overnight. The next day, the victim got a ride to her parents’ home in O’Fallon.

The victim checked herself in at Progress West Hospital on April 17, but asked hospital officials not to involve law enforcement. She was discharged the same day, but came back two days later because of complications stemming from her injuries. Hospital staff then contacted the sheriff’s office.

Responding detectives noted the victim’s ear had been swollen shut; her left eye, arms, and legs were discolored due to internal bleeding; she suffered a left hand laceration, as well as a head injury.

Authorities arrested Lauck on April 19. He was charged with first-degree kidnapping, first-degree domestic assault causing serious physical injury, second-degree domestic assault, and fourth-degree domestic assault. Lauck remains in custody at Lincoln County Jail on a $200,000 cash-only bond.