New technology may save Jefferson County drinking water from flood

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EUREKA, MO (KTVI) - All indications are that the public water supply district #2 for Jefferson County is going to have another major battle on their hands. Unlike 2015 they stand a fighting chance, thanks to a new innovative flood fighting technology.

Volunteers sprang into action as word came down this afternoon that this flood would rival the 2015 flood. Truckloads of sand rolled in as volunteers fought the clock to fill sand bags in effort to save their drinking water.

Plant #2 that supplies drinking water to Murphy and parts of Eureka. In 2015, he and a cadre of volunteers that fought, but lost to the river. This year they have a new weapon.

Water is pumped in from the nearby river to fill bladder dams. They should be up to six feet high. That is high enough to hold back the river and save the drinking water.

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