Efforts to save Fenton Water Treatment Plant

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FENTON, MO (KTVI) - For the second time in 16 months the World Wide Technology Soccer Park in Fenton is under water.  All 6 fields have been breached by the Meramec River. But Patrick Barry, President of St. Louis FC and Scott Gallagher says they were ready this time. “We learned a lot from last one. The preparations we made today and last few days set the soccer park up to rebound much quicker.”   They also have solid insurance this time around to get new turf if needed. The turf which now sits under the river. Is new turf purchased with the help of donations.  “We'll be back. Not going anywhere. Just a short-term interruption.  Our ability to come back is faster because of things we did before water came in.”

Just a short drive from the soccer park sits MSD's Fenton treatment plant which, MSD's Public Relations Director Sean Hadley says, is getting extra protection after the Meramec River submerged the facility in 2015.  “The river level is expected to be about 43. In 2015 it was 44, about a foot below so we're making sure we have sandbags two feet higher to protect plant.”  This rising and racing water is only about 400 yards away from the plant and Hadley says 2015 was definitely a learning lesson.  “On Thursday, we knew what the prediction was and we revved up our flood plans immediately and got our emergency plans in place.”  This is a serious situation but as Patrick Barry says, when you experienced historical flooding less than a year and a half ago it helps handle the next round.  “We're getting good at this.  It’s not something we want to get good at but we'll put it back together and we'll be back.”