Cardinal fans describe scene around woman struck by stray bullet inside Busch Stadium

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - A bullet grazed a woman inside Busch stadium last night. It was near the end of the Cardinal’s 2-1 victory over the Brewers.

The 9th inning was just about to begin.  Todd Porter Sr. and his son Chris were sitting in section 141, behind the home dugout.

Chris Porter said, “The woman behind me, like literally right behind me, she goes ‘I`ve been shot’ and everybody around was saying get the security guard, get the security guard.”

Todd Porter Sr. said, “The lady actually raised her arm up and you could see the bullet bruise right there and then there was a little blood and you could see a little hole in her jacket.  So, she actually did get shot by a bullet because she picked it up and showed it to us.”

Chris added, “She was taken away immediately and then three security guards came and sat right down behind us.”

Todd described the guards… “pointing toward the Ballpark Village area. I`m guessing they were thinking the bullet came from that way.”

No one panicked and it soon appeared as if the bullet came from far away.

Todd said, “I`m guessing the bullet went up in the air and came down you know and unfortunately it came by us and hit this lady.”

The Porters say they`re shocked but not shaken enough to do anything different.

Todd said, “No, it`s not going to stop us from going to the games. I`m just hoping the lady is ok.”

The woman was treated inside Busch stadium and she reportedly declined outside medical help.

Police recovered a .40 caliber slug which they sent to a lab for testing.

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