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Exclusive interview with woman shot outside Ladue Schnucks

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LADUE, MO (KTVI) – Kat Hutson can't believe she's still alive. Just two months ago, she was shot in the Ladue Schnucks parking lot by her estranged husband and left for dead.

Michael Hutson shot her nine times when she arrived to her new job at Schnucks at Lindbergh Boulevard and Clayton Road. Kat was struck under her arm, in her groin, and stomach. She still has bullets in her chest and groin.

Kat left Michael in June 2016 and was trying to get a divorce. She feared for her safety and had filed a restraining order. Michael found her anyway.

After being shot, Kat said she was able to stumble to the front door of the store and tell a coworker her husband had shot her. She then collapsed.

Police found Michael in Richmond Heights a short time later, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Kat said she was relieved to know he’s gone. She said he violated the restraining order several times but was never arrested. He stole the GPS from her car two weeks before the shooting. Kat believes that is how he found where she worked.

Kat said her goal in life now is to change the way restraining orders are enforced. In the meantime, she’s going through rehab to regain use of her arm and hand.

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