West Alton residents take ‘wait and see’ approach with rising water

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WEST ALTON, MO (KTVI) – Many people living in St. Charles County were on heightened alert as emergency officials warned against concerns of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers possibly overtopping a levee directly upstream.

According to the Rivers Pointe Fire Protection District, residents and businesses along the line of Highway 67 and East to the Confluence Point were advised to voluntarily evacuate. It's an area that officials said where water would start filling in the low lying areas. That includes Riverlands Way, which was shut down.

Officials added that with the amount of water on both levee systems, the risk of possible failure increases.

On Thursday, some people who live in the immediate area said that they're worried and weren't taking any chances with staying in their homes, especially since they've gone through the flood of December 2015.

"Everybody panics where the flood's gonna go," said Sugar van Buren, who lives in West Alton. "We don't know if it's going to do a lot of damage or come in a little bit or stay in for months at a time."

"It is very stressful," said van Buren's neighbor, Trish Turner. "You get to a point where you want to cry but you just shove that aside and say these are things we have to do and we get prepared for it and then we wait."

Everyone who lives to the West of Highway 67 was told to reconsider evacuation.

The voluntary evacuation order remained in effect Thursday night especially for the elderly and anyone with a disability.

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