Neighbors say unkempt Fenton property a ‘dump’

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FENTON, MO (KTVI) – Neighbors call it a dangerous dump. A Fenton home in Jefferson County has been rotting and empty since if partially burned in 2014.

The place has long been declared unfit for human use but neighbors say people are using it.

They worry there may be something much worse than the fire in the home’s future.

Meadow Drive off of Highway 30 has nice houses and manicured lawns, except for one house.

“The dump,” said Mark Rudolph, of the home right next to his.

The grass is approaching knee high but neighbors have much bigger concerns.

“People are going in and out. Just the other day a lady came out wrapped in a blanket with a guy,” Rudolph said.

There was a two-alarm fire in September of 2014. Two adults and six children were renting the home. No one was hurt. Firefighters revived the family dog with oxygen.

The home was declared unlivable then. Code violation and nuisance notices have followed.

Still, the house remains wide open. Doors and windows have not been secured. There are large areas of broken glass where neighbors say young people now gather to drink alcohol. The boards on a large boarded up section on the front of the house are starting to give way.

Jefferson County Code Enforcement has done nothing to address their fears, Rudolph said.

“The last response I got was, ‘There’s not much we can do,’” Rudolph said. “The worst is my fear of a child or someone going in there and getting hurt or something worse; somebody takes them in there. It’s horrible thinking that someone could get in there and do something to somebody or a child.”

Rudolph admitted he’d never contacted Jefferson County Council member Don Bickowski.

A lot can be done to either force the home owner to rehab or demolish the house, Bickowski said. The homeowner told Fox 2 he expected to sell the property by the end of the month.