Contact 2 gets results for couple battling jeweler, ring insurance company

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A newly engaged south city couple should've been spending their time planning a wedding. Instead, they were fighting with an insurance company.

“We went and stopped by the place we first met and I proposed to her,” said Miles McGreehan.

A bold move for McGreehan, considering he didn’t have a ring yet.

“Of course, she said yes, which was a huge relief for me,” he said.

To make it official, Miles and his fiancé went ring shopping at Kay Jewelers in Chesterfield Mall.

“I don’t know anything about shopping for rings, I just wanted to get her what she loved,” McGreehan said.

All was well for the couple until Miles’ fiancé found herself in a dangerous situation at the 2015 Pride Parade in downtown St. Louis.

“She was concerned about the safety of her ring, so she placed it in her purse,” McGreehan said.

Miles said his fiancé and her friend set their bags down for a moment to squash an argument between marchers and protesters. When they went to pick them up…

“Both his bag and her purse were gone," McGreehan said.

After filing a police report, they contacted Kay Jewelers, who in turn passed them long to the insurance company. Yes, Miles insured the ring.

“They said they could not cover the replacement of the ring due to it being considered a theft instead of stolen or what they deem as stolen,” McGreehan said.

Two years passed and Miles wasn’t able to get anywhere on his own. The apparent matter of semantics from the insurance company in this case just didn’t seem right, especially when you look at what the policy is supposed to cover.

Nonetheless, the insurance company stood its ground.

Fox 2 News reached out to Kay Jewelers. A representative explained that while Kay is bound by its insurance provider’s decision, the company would work with Miles to replace the ring as a reflection of Kay’s commitment to an excellent customer experience.

Not long after receiving that response from Kay, Miles told Colombo that Kay reached out to him offering to replace the ring free of charge.

They’re supposed it pick it up at the end of the month. We'll be sure to update this story when it happens.