Village of Vinita Terrace merges with City of Vinita Park

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- St. Louis County will officially have one less municipality Wednesday when a history-making merger takes place.

The Village of Vinita Terrace will become part of Vinita Park. The move impacts more than 2,000 residents who live and pay taxes in the two North County communities.

Less than 300 of those people live in the Vinita Terrace area.

Both communities share history and some services including shared policing. Under this deal, the North County Police Cooperative, which serves both areas, will have its new headquarters at the former Vinita Terrace Village Hall.

Voters in both municipalities approved the merger in last November's election. This is going to be St. Louis County's first consolidation in modern history. In fact, it has come under criticism in the past because of its municipal structure with close to 90 cities, towns and villages.

Vinita Park's Mayor, James McGhee, calls the merger a "community-driven effort that will benefit residents.

He also says that by becoming part of Vinita Park, the residents of Vinita Terrace will keep local representation and obtain new professional full-time services, including public works, clerks, financial services and trash pick-up.

The ceremony took place at 10 a.m.