You Paid For It: How do St. Louis riverfront improvements stack up to other cities?

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-The CityArchRiver project has been trying to give a shot in the arm to the St. Louis Riverfront.  Officials spent $31 million to raise more than a mile of the riverfront several feet. They say it will mean less flooding on the Riverfront and that will mean more days for activities.

But people who live and work to the north and south of the Arch grounds don't think they'll see as many benefits from the plan.  It's an area filled with boarded up buildings that have neglected for years.

St. Louis officials say the studied a number of riverfront redevelopment plans, including improvements in Covington,KY and Cincinnati, OH.

Investigator Elliott Davis went to Covington to see what officials did there that brought out so much development. Covington started years back but has made tremendous progress in making their riverfront into a place of pride. Their neighbor across the Ohio River, Cincinnati, has also done a major remake of their riverfront with the help of voters who approved a project that involved $2.7 billion.

Covington attributes their success to not tearing down older homes.

Cincinnati says building huge 6,000 car parking garage there made the difference.